Your website is your online home base. And you need it to look good!  So get a custom design on WordPress, the platform that powers 30% of sites on the web today! 

Your basic website package includes all the behind the scenes set-up: security, speed, analytics, back ups and SEO. You’ll also get integration with social media and your email marketing provider. And you’ll have a custom header, footer and menu, of course.

As part of this package, you’ll have a completely custom designed home page, deliberately crafted to showcase your expertise and invite your ideal readers to engage, explore and get to know you (and hopefully buy from you!).  You’ll also get a guided process to create an About page, that appeals to your reader and builds that know-like-trust factor that’s so important in marketing.  And of course, you’ll have a Contact page, so that your ideal readers can reach you any time they need to!  

Packages start at just $627. Payment plans available. 

Expand your website with one of several add-on packages. Whether you need to make your site comply with all legal requirements, have those all-important utility pages (404, search, thank you, success pages, etc), add on a blog, ecommerce or membership, or monetize with done-for-you work-with-me pages, XeraSupport can handle any project you may have in mind.  Add-on packages start at just $99! 

Start your Design today!