About our services

XeraSupport is here to help you!

Hi I’m Sarah, owner and founder at XeraSupport. We provide VA & small business consultant services to new entrepreneurs. And we specialize in helping moms set up and start their businesses.

We know how hard it can be to figure out everything you need to know in order to start a business. Between working in your business and working on your business, you can get frustrated and tired — and it can make you want to give up!

The solution? Hire some help! Now we get it, who has the money for the help you need. Most virtual assistants require monthly contracts, and it can cost hundreds of dollars. And who has hundreds of dollars when you’re just getting started??

What if you could get the help you need at a price you could afford?

XeraSupport is here to help. We offer my virtual assistant services on an as-needed, no-contract-required basis. This service is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who has a limited budget. It works like this:

  1. You have a task you can’t or don’t want to DIY.
  2. You message your handy VA, and ask for a quote.
  3. We give you an idea of if we can, how long, and how much. Most services are under $40! And our turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours.
  4. If we agree on time and budget, we send you an invoice, and you pay a deposit (50%).
  5. Then you send the info needed to do whatever it is you need done.
  6. We do the work, you check, and if there are any issues, we’ll fix it.
  7. And then you pay the remainder, and ..
  8. We’re done until the next time you need something done!

Pre-purchased bundles of 20 or 40 tasks are available as well. 

What can I do?

We can do almost everything you may need done. Our team understands marketing, organization, customer service and project management. We also have done a lot of work in creating and setting up websites and email marketing programs for our clients. Other things we offer include:

  • printable design — here’s a sample
  • editing and proofreading
  • newsletter formatting & scheduling
  • social media graphic creation – here’s a sample
  • technical support
  • research

Work with Us!

Our terms of service include absolute confidentiality & privacy protection about your business. We take our clients’ info seriously and respect copyrights! Any design or copywriting work we do for you, you have full ownership of, and we do not ask for any credit.

Thanks for considering us! You can reach us via Facebook or email

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