Simple Site Install


Get a simple, custom website installed in hours, with Simple Site Install. Choose from our templated home pages for your website needs.


You need a website.

You know you need a website. It’s been on your mind for weeks, even months. But the thought of setting up a website gives you nightmares. WordPress? Hosting? Domain names? It’s like having to learn another language… It’s worse than math class!

Where do you even start?

Having a successful online business means you need a digital home base. Getting the right design, the right look and feel to your site could be the difference between making rent and achieving your financial goals. But designers and developers are expensive, so even if you knew what you wanted on your site, hiring a designer might not be in your budget.

You need a budget-friendly website you can pull out of the box.

You need a Simple Site Install.

Choose from multiple home page designs, with your custom colors.  Then provide a few pieces of information about your business, and get a fully-functional, completely set-up, out-of-the-box website with a custom-designed look to it — for MUCH less than hiring a designer.

Check out our designs:

Included in every Simple Site Install:

  • Installation and set up of WordPress content management system
  • Installation and set up of functional plugins for: security, backups, spam filter, analytics, design, contact form and sharing
  • Creation of home page, based on template design chosen
  • Customization of home page and site with custom colors (given by buyer)
  • Editing of home page text, based on buyer’s needs

NOTE: Before purchasing a Simple Site Install, please purchase a domain name and hosting from a reputable host. We recommend (affiliate) SiteGround or Bluehost for your hosting needs.

After purchasing a Simple Site Install, you’ll receive an email with instructions on your next steps.


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